Tango mixed with none less than Bach! And then played with nothing less than high skill and contagious enthusiasm. The debut album of a promising new trio.


A Jewel: Flutterband Trio

Now and again we reveal our 'physical' location. I recently received this CD, "Bach Tunes and Free Tango" from one of the musicians in the Flutterband Trio - he also lives in Hamburg. This is actually a rare experience in the daily flow of buying an selling CDs here. I promptly listened to the CD and recognized immediately that I don't need any superficial 'city loyalty' to stand behind it: this is a difficult, rare, but successful experiment in style and epoch blending, namely of tango and barock music. The violin music of Bach is taken here as the template and fitted with -among other things!- tango rhythms, modern harmonies and a nice portion of humor and profoundness.